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Tasks for January

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As you will all know, there is very little going on in the garden this month. This though, is the perfect opportunity to prepare for spring, by getting those routine maintenance tasks out of the way, so you can hit the ground running when spring finally arrives.

  • Time to prune established trees and shrubs. Remove any dead wood or diseased branches. Pathogens harmful to the plant can thrive in dead wood.
  • Lawns. Improve aeration and drainage. Note where water remains on the lawn after a heavy rainfall. spike the lawn when the weather permits
  • Now is a good time to take care of all gardening tools including getting that old lawn mower serviced.
  • Prune soft fruit, such as raspberries. Cut back the cane to within 25cm of the ground.
  • Alpine plans do not like to be in contact with excessive moisture. Place a mulch or grit around small alpine flowers to prevent the crowns from rotting.
  • Plant out forced bulbs such as hyacinth.
  • Deadhead winter flowering pansies to ensure continuing that they flower freely

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